Diploma of Thesis

Department of Foundry of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals

Anton Zasteba
"Production of cast based on aluminium ceramet composites"
ph.D Guriya Irina

Bogdan Kravchenko
"Development of composition and properties of optimization core mixtures based on phosphoric acid and aluminum salts"
Ph.D. Liutiy R.

Denis Melnichenko
Optimization of Core Manufacturing Technology from Core Sands with Inorganic Binders Based on the Salts of Phosphoric Acid
Ph.D. Liutiy R.

 Andrey Belashko
"Foundry complex machine factory with the development of technology manufacturing castings of various complexity and weigh"
Ph.D. Fedorov G.

Tkachuk Iryna
"Foundry Complex of Engineering Machines Plant with the Development of Technological Processes of Castings Production"
D.sc. Syroporshnev L.

Tulup Vladislav
The theme: "Optimizing charge of the reaction chamber for carbide stabilizing,  spheroidizing and inoculation of cast iron in the mold"
Director: Ph.D. Kosyachkov V.О.

Department of Physicochemical Foundations of Metallurgical Processes

Artem Astakhov
"Electroslag melting technology of titanium and its alloys"
Pryluckii M.I.

 Vladislav Remkha
"Electonics-radiation melting titanium alloys"
Ph.D (D.SC.) Gotvyanskiy Yuriy

Prylipko Volodymyr
"Technology of production of alloy ACM"
asistent Ivanchenko D.V.

Department of Physics of Metals

Oleg Dmytrychenko
"Electycal signals in metals and amorphous alloys with mechanical and laser impulse influence"
Ph.D. Alexander Filatov

Rets Serhii
"Formation of functional coatings multistage spark alloying with chromium, nickel, copper, carbon steel at 45"
Ph.D Ivashchenko Ie.V.

Sviata Anna
"The creation of biocompatible coatings by electrospark and laser treatment techniques of titanium alloys"
assistant-professor Ph.D. Ivashchenko Ievgen Vadymovych

Kolyuh Mikhail Ivanovich
"Pulverisation barrieres de diffusion sur des nanotubes de carbone pour creer des revetements composites"
Superviseur: PhD, professeur Panarin V.E.

Vladislav Chernenko
Influence of parameters of the formation of metal catalytic centers on the carbon structure, which are formed on the surface
Ph.D Panarin Evgeniy

Department of Metallurgy and Heat Treatment

Nedilko Serhii
"Corrosion-resistance multipurpose Ti-Cr-Al coverings at carbonaceous steel 45"
Ph.D Loskutova T.

Kassem Dmytro
“Physical and Mechanical Properties of the Coating from stable Quasicrystals Powders of Al-Cu-Fe”
Ph.D Dudka Alexander

Kalashnikov Glib
Ti Al covers on steel 12X18H10T
Hizhniak V.G.

Department of High Temperature Materials and powder metallurgy

Osipov Anton
"Getting and wear resistant properties of composite material based on CrB2-FeCr"
Karasevska O.P.

Oleg Chernenko
"Structure and properties of deformed traction titanium alloy VT- 22 "
Ph.D. m.n.Karasevska О.P.

Yevheniia Karaimchuk
"Influence of surface thermal treatment on structrure of system powder material Fe-C."
Ph.D Minitskyy Anatoly

Pinchuk Mykyta
Influence of getting elinvar alloys based on nickel on their performance properties
Romanenko Yurii Mykolayovich

Bilousov Dmytro
"Influence of boron content on the properties and structure of ZrO2-TiAl composite for tool purpose"
Director: Associate Professor, Ph.D. Kisla Galina

 Valkov Mykhailo
"Production of polymeric materials friction destination"
Rudenkiy S.O.

Angelina Vorobiei
"The study of the conditions for obtaining and properties of composite materials based on iron and self-fluxing alloys"
Ph.D. Anatoliy Stepanchuk

Director work corresponding member. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor. Sc. Science professor. Bondarenko V. P.

Subject: Effect modes annealing process in pressing materials based on iron
Director: Ph.D. Associate Professor Anatoly Minitskyy Vyacheslavovych

Polishko Ihor
"Structure and properties of 10Sc1CeSZ-3,5YSZ composite for solid oxide fuel cell application
Vasilev O.D.

Strubchevska Elena
Topic: "Getting burning powder mixtures, structure and properties of the coating system Ti (Zr) B2-CuZr"
Supervisor: Assistant Sysoev M.O.

Dmytro Sukharchuk
"Formation of structure and properties of composite Ti-TiB-TiC subjected to mechanical vibrations in the SHS"
Teaching Assistant Evgen Biba