Laboratory micromechanical tests

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   Definition of complex mechanical characteristics (hardness, conventional boundary strength, ultimate tensile strength, ductility, modulus, fracture toughness (fracture) and others.) Different in physical nature and state of structural materials, including materials brittle under standard test, in a local hard indenter load at the micro level to develop advanced technologies for materials, optimizing their composition and structure prediction of mechanical behavior and ensure the reliability and durability of products in actual use under load.

     Holding micromechanical test structural and functional materials for different purposes;
     Development of new methods and equipment for testing materials;
     Research work in the field of strength, ductility and reliability of materials

     Determination of strength and plasticity of materials:
     Measuring Vickers microhardness materials HV, HM, Hb, HK;
     Defining characteristics of plasticity δН;
     Determination of fracture toughness (fracture) KIc;
     Determining the boundary fluidity σ0,2, border elasticity σe, ultimate tensile strength.

     Automated stationary microhardness MNV 1000
     Management of microhardness via embedded software with display of hardness values on LCD and print data.
     Automatic Load time under load 5-60 s (step increment of 5 s)


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