Department of Physics of Metals

The first entrants to specialty "Physics of Metals" newly organized Department of Engineering Physics KPI adopted in 1948. The faculty included in its composition as a specialty: "Technical Electronics" and "Physics of Dielectrics". Faculty there until waged general and general technical training students. However, the lack of material resources for training management institute forced to disperse a group of Physical Engineering faculty on specialties related to other departments.

So, were transferred to the custody of the department of physical metallurgy and heat treatment of metallurgical faculty group KPI first three courses for profiling in "Physics of metals."

This happened in 1952. Until Department of metallurgy and heat treatment, headed by academician VM Svyechnykov was reorganized - on the basis of established department of metallurgy in his own direction and a new department - heat treatment of metals and physicists, led by Professor VN Gridneva. To conduct the educational process were invited from Ural Polytechnic Institute VG Permyakova and left to work as a graduate assistant department OV Bilotskoho. In training specialists involved such great scientists as academicians AA Smirnov, GS Pisarenko and (part-time) member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine AG Lesnik, professors DI Lisak, IJ Dekhtyar and others.

Since 1991 the department is headed by Professor SI Sidorenko. During this period continue to strengthen relations with the Institutes of Sciences. For a short time greatly enriched teaching and laboratory facilities department, intensified computer training students reception (state order) for 1 year increased to 30 people .; developed computer technology training. Continuing modernization of the curriculum, aimed at further improving the overall fundamental and special training the students.


Head of Department

Eugeny Ivashchenko


Ph.D., associate professor

room № 045-9, tel. +38 (044) 454 97 74

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