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  • Department of Physicochemical Foundations of Metallurgical Processes

Department of Physicochemical Foundations of Metallurgical Processes


For many years supported the international relations in the field of vocational education and research activities with educational institutions and research institutes of Russia, China, Germany, Poland, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, with all metallurgical universities Ukraine. Department - Member of the Association of Metallurgical Education of Ukraine.

We need to execute important tasks: to ensure the educational and scientific laboratories with modern equipment; increase the activity of the department staff and students to conduct research; organize alumni association at the department, teachers and friends; activate the work to attract entrants to the first grade and many other urgent tasks.

It is necessary to think over the issue, which professionals in the near future will require scientific and educational institutions, industry. In this connection it is necessary to introduce new curriculum disciplines, including laser technology, condensing metallurgy, high technology of metals in terms of fast and ultra-fast crystallization.

Department staff is optimistic about the future. We do our best to ensure that our research and teaching activities in demand both in Ukraine and in other countries. Special steel - a chance for Ukraine to take a leading position in the technological race with the advanced countries of the world.


Head of Department


Volodymyr Bogyshevsky


Doctor of Science, professor

room № 109-9, tel. +38 (044) 238 73 67

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