Department of High Temperature Materials and powder metallurgy

Department of High Temperature Materials and powder metallurgy trains specialists to develop new materials and energy-saving technologies for virtually all fields of science and technology of medicine and microelectronics to aerospace engineering.

Research and teaching staff of the chair consists of renowned experts in the field of materials, powder metallurgy, coating. Training of powder metallurgy in Kiev Polytechnic Institute began in 1952 at the Department of metallurgy and heat treatment of metals within the specialization in powder metallurgy specialty 0407 "Metallurgy, equipment and technology of thermal processing of metals."

Today, the Department of high-temperature materials and powder metallurgy in Ukraine is a leading institution for training on the development and use of composite and powder materials, special materials for coating highly efficient emission materials, structural ceramic materials, etc.



Head of Department


 Anatolii Stepanchuk


Doctor of Science, professor

room № 113-9, tel. +38 (044) 406 91 16

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


















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