Department of Foundry of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals

Today's scientific activity of department is conducted in directions of development of theoretical principles of creation and introduction of new materials and technological processes of casting production. Fruitful work in this direction was instrumental in creation of scientific school, bases of which were pawned by the Honoured worker of science and technique of UKRAINE,Doctor of Engineering Vashenko K.I. Under the direction of his students today scientific directions work successfully:
- are heat-resistant and wearproof the economy alloyed became (Doctor of Science . Fedorov G.);- new environmentally cleaning connective components and otverdytely formovochnykh and bar mixtures and processes of formation of forms (Doctor of Science Kocheshkov A.);- - high-efficiency coverages for forms and bars (Doctor of Science Drobyazko V., Doctor of Science Sheyko A.);- - technology of receipt of high-impact cast-iron and making from him of foundings with the set properties (Doctor of Science Kosyachkov V.., Doctor of Science Siroporshnev L.).- computer technologies of casting production and SAPR TP casting production.

By a department it is concluded together with other departments IFF and academic institutes of NAN of Ukraine „Agreement about collaboration between Separation of Fyzyko - technical problems of knowledge of materials of National Academy of sciences of Ukraine and Engineering physical faculty faculty of the National technical university of Ukraine „Kiev polytechnic institute”. An agreement is instrumental in the subsequent positive influencing of scientific components on quality of preparation of master's degrees. With the same purpose a department supports the pre-established close copulas with the family departments of the Frayberz'koy Mountain academy and University „Otto background of Geryke” Magdeburg (Germany). With the last and with participation of three faculties the NTUU “KPY” created general Ukrainian-German faculty, which students are foundry hands on. Directions of scientific researches comprehensively answer direction of preparation of specialists and engineering oriented to the decision of scientific and technical problems, heat and power and black metallurgy.



Head of Department

Anatolii Kocheshkov


Ph.D., associate professor

room № 408-9, tel. +38 (044) 454 97 72

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.












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