Center for X-ray analysis RIGAKU

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    Conducting basic and applied experimental research, solving technological and scientific research tasks in the field of engineering materials using modern methods of obtaining and processing X-ray diffraction data, realized on diffractometer Ultima IV, for direct, accurate, reliable and versatile information on the phase composition and structure materials management as the basis of their physical-chemical and mechanical properties.

• Development of new materials;
• Development of technologies for materials with predetermined properties;
• definition phase composition (identification phase), the structural characteristics and their changes;
• research phase and structural changes;
• precise definition of the parameters of the crystal lattice;
• Analysis of defects in the crystal structure;
• Analysis of the size of crystallites in nanomaterials;
• Analysis of the stress condition and texture;
• determining the thermal stability of the structure of materials;
• study of nuclear structure.

• Polycrystalline (powders, solid materials);
• Thin film (ferroelectric, magnets, etc.);
• Massive crystals;
• Liquid.

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center is equipped with modern X-ray diffractometer Ultima-IV, p. Rigaku, Japan

OPTIONS AND prefix: module forming parallel beam.

• Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis;
• Database diffraction ICDD PDF-2 or PDF-4;
• Rietveld analysis;
• Analysis of crystallinity;
• Analysis of residual austenite;
• Analysis of residual stresses;
• Construction of direct and inverse pole figures;
• distribution function oriyentyrovok.

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Head of the Laboratory




Miroslav Karpets (webpage)

Professor, Doctor of Science

(044) 454-91-56
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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