Center for Electron Microscopy

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The combination of research methods presented in the scientific and educational centers and laboratories, highly qualified specialists allow to study the complex objects and solve relevant scientific, technical and technological problems.


Conducting basic and applied research structure and chemical composition of materials, solving technological and scientific research tasks in the field of engineering materials.


• Development of new materials;
• Development of technologies for materials with predetermined properties;
• studying the microstructure of different nature materials;
• fraktohrafichni study surface structure breaks;
• establishing qualitative and quantitative elemental (chemical) composition;
• studying material structure while increasing to 106 times (resolution up to 1 nm);
• determination of dispersed particles, crystallites cells;
• study of crystal structure defects (dislocations, packing defects, twins, grain boundaries and triple grain joints);
• analysis of heterogeneous alloys discharge particles, inclusions.


• Polycrystalline (powders, solid materials);
• Thin film, foil with massive materials (ferroelectrics, magnets, et al.);
• Massive single crystals.


• The center is equipped with modern devices:
• Scanning electron microscope with energy microanalyzer REM 106Y;
• transmission electron microscope PЭM-in (modernized);
• roentgen -fluorescent ekspressanalisis composition "EXPERT 3L".


 Head of the Laboratory

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Yuriy Romanenko

 Lead Engineer


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