1) Isotropic reinforced ceramics - Loboda P., Solodkyi I.
2) Infiltration of boron carbide with different content of carbon fibers - Solodkyi I., Vterkovskiy M., Bogomol I., Loboda P.
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24-26 October,2018,Ningbo, China

10-th International Conference “ADVANCED MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES: FROM IDEA TO MARKET”, sponsored by National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and NingboMunicipal Government, will be organized byFrantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IPMS NASU)and Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CNITECHCAS) andNinghaiCounty Governmentunder the support of Ningbo Frantsevich Material Research Institute and Chinese Science and Technology Center of IPMS NASU.

The idea of this conference is based on traditions of two previous big International Materials Science Forums: “Materials and coatings for extreme environments” and “International conference on hydrogen materials science and chemistry of carbon nanomaterials”, which were organized in Crimea (Ukraine) since 2000 and 1987 respectively.

Ningbo is a unique city that takes new materials industry as the first pillar industry. It has planned the largest new material science and technology campus in China, occupying an area of 55 square kilometers. The CNITECH of CAS is a leading research institute in transforming R&D achievements of new materials into industrial applications.

This international conference will accelerate the international cooperation of China and Central and Eastern Europe in the fields of science and technology, materials science innovations, personnel training and transfer of scientific and technological achievements in the field of new advanced materials. One of the peculiarities of this conference is the organization of joint applied scientific sessions with the representatives of Chinese industrial sector with the possibility of discussions of the main points of technical requirements from industry and the way of their achievements from scientific community. Such joint cooperation is the base of innovative development in domestic and international scale.